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Choccywoccydoodah Review

Choccywoccydoodah is a quirky. Gothic themed cafe, cake and chocolate shop. Which you can probably tell from the tongue twister of a name. Choccywoccydoodah specialises in amazing looking. Albeit unconventional cake designs and chocolate.

Choccywoccydoodah cake shop

There are multiple branches of Choccywoccydoodah in the UK. The London branch of choccywoccydoodah is based in west London.

choccywoccydoodah cafe
Choccywoccydoodah - Lemon fudge cake and hot chocolate

Choccywoccydoodah is a dark. Intimate cake shop, with cafe seating in the basement. Impressive cakes are on display upstairs and the cafe has mismatch chairs and textiles of velvet. Along with quirky lamps.

The staff at choccywoccydoodah were very friendly. I ordered a milk hot chocolate with whipped cream and optional marshmallows. The menu at choccywoccydoodah is on a chalk board at ground level, with no table menus available. It's not that easy to read. Especially in a dimly lit cafe. The option of individual menus would have been better.


The other hot chocolate options at Choccywoccydoodah are dark or white chocolate. A selection of cakes were also available. Of which I chose a slice of lemon fudge. Sadly I was unimpressed by choccywoccydoodah. The lemon fudge cake was far too moist and awfully sweet.

The hot chocolate wasn't memorable either. A slice of cake comes with a scoop of not so nice vanilla ice cream. The presentation of the cake was very messy. My only positive experience was the service at choccywoccydoodah. Personally I feel there are much better places in London to enjoy hot chocolate and a good slice of cake. Search my main blog for a list of my personal favourites.


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