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Kova Patisserie Review

Kova patisserie is a small Japanese cafe serving Japanese teas like sencha and soba cha tea. Alongside pretty cakes.

Kova Patisserie Matcha Mille Crepe Cake
Kova Patisserie - Hot Chocolate and Matcha Mille Crepe Cake

If you don't want to have Japanese tea, you could choose coffee. Hot, or iced chocolate. Herbal teas and traditional English black tea.

I went for a hot chocolate, which wasn't very nice. Mild, milky and a bit too watery would be the correct description of the hot chocolate I received at Kova patisserie

The most infamous cake at Kova patisserie is their matcha mille crepe, which I tried in store. I also took a chocolate mille crepe slice home for later.

Other mille crepe flavours are vanilla and coconut. Kova patisserie even have a durian mille crepe available by reservation only. The sea salt lava cheesecake looked very interesting.

I found the matcha mille crepe at Kova patisserie to be a tasty mid afternoon treat. It's mildly sweet, which means even someone who doesn't enjoy sweet treats that much, would like the matcha mille crepe. It's smooth and creamy. With noticeable matcha powder giving a healthy, slightly bitter kick to this snack. I was amazed by how filling hot chocolate and slice of mille crepe can be.

Kova Patisserie Review
Kova Patisserie - Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake

The chocolate mille crepe cake by Kova patisserie is equally as yummy. It tastes creamy and chocolatey. Like a perfect chocolate mousse, without being too sweet.

The prices at Kova Patisserie aren't cheap, which is to be expected in such a tourist hot spot. You pay more to eat in at Kova, then you do to take your food and drinks away with you.

Kova patisserie is very casual. Located down a narrow back road. So more of a place to visit in passing, rather than to go for a date, or special occasion.

Service at Kova Patisserie was quite good. I would go back to Kova Patisserie again, if I'm nearby and fancy a healthy, less sweet treat.

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